Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gospel Song

Most of us listen to some well known artist like, Rhiana, Justine Bieber, Bruno Mars and etc. Their songs contains love, friendship and many more. With some cool rhythms that can energize you and make you happy or even sad. But have we ever try to listen to some artist that sing and make songs for God? Those people are called Christian Artist. Since my blog name is "Anime and Random" it means, I can also post other topic even its not about anime.

As a music lover, I always look for some music that has a rare rhythms that's  good to my ear and has a deep meaning that can move your soul. I'm not really a christian since birth that's why back then, I really love listening to rock, metal, emo and screamo music that can bring you into the dark side of your heart. But when I first went to church and receive Jesus Christ as my savior, I begun to fall in love with the melody and rhythm of the christian songs. So in this post, I will introduce to you to some well know Christian artist that surely you will love even though your not a Christian.

Christ Tomilin

Christopher Dwayne or also known as Chris Tomilin is an American Christian artist, worship leader and songwriter. He is originally from Grand Saline, Texas, United States.

He is awarded as a Male Vocalist of the year 2006, 2007, and 2008 at GMA Dove Awards and, he was name as Artist of the Year in 2007.

Chris Tomilin is very a talented artist. His songs is so powerful that will really move your soul. According to some websites and blogs that I have read, his songs has a very big impact to churches not only on America but all over the world. His one of my favorite Christian Artist.

Here is one example of his song.

The title is "Sing, sing, sing". Listening to this song makes you really sing.

And here is another favorite song of mine sang by him.

This song is a very powerful song sang by Chris Tomilin and composed by an Irish band named Bluetree. The song was like a prayer for the nation asking God to protect it from any harm, to give them hope and another chance in building a new nation. I show this video to you all because I first heard this song in the minds of the horrible tragedy in Japan. That's why I always remember Japan whenever I listen to this song. And so, I dedicate this song to the country Japan and to the Philippines. I always ask the lord to guide, protect and blessed them always whenever I listen to this song. Though its specially dedicated to the two country, I also do apply this to other country such as America, Australia and others whenever I remember them. This is really a nice song.


Hillsong were a group of people from Hillsong Church who produce Christian music. They're songs was internationally recognize and now they released over 40 albums since 1992. 

Here is a well known song from them, check it out..

"One way Jesus" a very powerful song made by them. The meaning of the song? Well, the title said it all. 
I always sing this song, always..


The Planetshakers band was an Australian rock and worship band. Their songs was associated with rock and pop genre. Planetshakers was originally a Christian youth movement and grew as international ministry and a large church. 

Here is one of their song. ^^


The song was called "Nothing is impossible". The song is about believing and trusting Lord. That their is nothing impossible through our God. While watching the video, you can see that the guitarist was using a Heritage Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar, the one that Yui Hirasawa of anime K-On use.


Migiwa is a Japanese singer and song writer who produce Japanese Christian contemporary music. She have release 5 CD's and done some live mini concert and sometimes, appears in television and radio shows. She won a grand prize in 2007 "Japan Gospel award".

I saw Migiwa while searching some Japanese Christian artist on Youtube. I begun to fall in love with her voice after watching her video. Her voice was so good and even though I'm not good in Nihonggo, listening to her songs makes you know what meaning does she want to tell you.

Here is one of her song.. 

Gary Valenciano

Gary Valenciano or also known as Gary V. is a Filipino singer, composer, actor, producer and a gospel singer song writer. He is a very well known musician and actor in the Philippines.

He won the Awit Awards for "Male Performer" 11 times in 1998. and become UNICEF Philippines first national ambassador.  His songs were very powerful that can really move your soul.

Here is one of his song.

I love this song very much. I always listen to it whenever I'm lost and don't know what to do. Try and listen to this song, it will really help you in your life.

Amazing Grace

Amazing grace was one of the oldest gospel song and one of my favorite. Its a little bit funny because, I just discovered it while watching So-Ra-No-Wo-To. Sometimes, anime can really give you a heavenly message that really comes from God. It has a very powerful meaning and great melody. It think every nations has a version of it. 

 Here is a good version by Christ Tomilin.

Final Comment:
Their are so many Christian Artist nowadays, Asian (Korean, Japanese, Filipino,etc.), American, Australian and etc. They gave us hope, inspiration and love by making songs that came from our God. Why not give it a try listening to them? Surely their songs will gave you what you really need in your life.


  1. A great article. I enjoy to listen music and these singers are good. Christian music is very special 'cause can heal your soul and lead you to do good things. I like anime and their music, but i love to sing to God because He is my everything. Blessings!

  2. Thank you. I'm glad you like it.. :D Me too, I really really love music and Christian song are very special for me cause just like you, God is everything to me. :D