Thursday, October 20, 2011


I just can't take it anymore, they really gone beyond the boundary of being an otaku in being a "CREEPY OTAKU". As you can see, I'm kinda also like a Otaku person but, being like that means you should know your boundary.

The Otaku word has a two meaning. In Japan Otaku means, a person who is obsess in anime, manga and etc, without an end. While in western Otaku means, a person who enjoy anime and manga. Looking at the Japanese meaning of Otaku makes me think that, being called an Otaku in Japan is something not really good to them.

One day, I was just browsing in the net when I saw a this photo. 

Seeing this photo makes me kinda angry to the person whose doing something to Mio. It really creep's me out, even some other people felt that too. All I did was just close the browser, and just told myself that I can't do anything about that because its their life.

What makes me write about this article was because of the behavior of some Japanese Otaku, to some seiyuu or also known as voice actors/actresses. After a few weeks, I was just again, browsing on the net and found a creepy website who has some latest news about the seiyuus. I decided to read some articles just to learn some information about the people who is giving life to our lovable anime characters. I was so shocked that some otaku fans gave 'Death threats' to other seiyuus. To what I have read they just do it because, they feel that they've been betrayed. Knowing something about their favorite Seiyuu's life that they don't want, makes some Japanese Otaku mad and angry that it makes them a "Creepy Insane Otaku". Some other Otaku even crash their CD collection just because of the humor.

It really saddens me to know how other Japanese Otaku acts towards their obsession. Being an Otaku is not a awful thing. Supporting the series by buying merchandises and cheering their seiyuus is not really a bad thing but, doing something that someones life is on the line is different. Seiyuu's are also humans that has their own life. Though I admire the fact that we have different cultures but, as a human, we must also respect each and one of us.  I don't have any grudge towards Japanese Otaku the truth is, I do adore their admiration towards the anime/manga series. Its just that, their admiration becomes so extreme that they become so creepy and insane. All I can say to them is... Have a life..

You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. ~ Galatians 5:13

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