Wednesday, August 29, 2012

REVIEW: Yuru Yuri (Anime)

I was thinking of not making a review of this one, but all of my other site has a 50% post about it. So, I have no other choice but to make a review of it. Okay then, here's another anime review from me and its about my favorite past time anime, Yuru Yuri!!

Yuru Yuri is originally a manga made by Namori. It was serialized in Comic Yuri Hime S from June 12, 2008 then they move it to Comic Yuri Hime on September 2010. Dogakobo begun adapting it into an anime last July 2011.

Yuru Yuri is about an everyday life of a schoolgirl in a fictitious Nanamori Middle school. Akari Akaza joins the Amusement Club that is compose by her two childhood friends, Kyoko Toshino and Yui Funami. Chinatsu Yoshikawa, Akari's classmate also join the club after finding out that the Tea Club has been disband. The Amusement Club is resided at the tea room facility since the Tea Club break up. The club has no clear purpose, just being free to do whatever they want to do.

I watch the first season of Yuru Yuri just before the second season release. I was just like a laughing donkey everytime I watch some of its episode. My mother always scream at me and tell me to shut up because she was sleeping. Yeah, I watch anime every night so that no one will disturb me and that also goes for them. But I think I do disturb them. Hahahaha!

Well, I really love this kind of anime. Anime that will make you happy and laugh everytime you watch it. In fact, I watch it 4 times. Hahaha!

Well my favorite characters was Kyoko Toshino and Akari Akaza followed by Ayano Sugiura and Chitose Ikeda then the others.. Well, yeah, I love all of them for short but Kyoko and Akari was my top 2 since they're the source of all jokes.

I'm also a fan of Kyoko and Ayano pairing. I find them cute and funny. Funny because of Chitose. Hahaha! And also, they remains me of the two main characters of "PuiPui!". A light novel illustrated by Namori. I'll do some little review of it after this.

Another thing that I love about this anime was their music, their opening, ending and character songs were so awesome lovely that you wanna dance every-time you hear it.

Yuru Yuri in short is a slice of life with an awesome comedy story of Yuri's. Yes Yuri's. As you can see in the title... Yuri means, Girl's Love. You can search it over the internet for more information.

I myself enjoy this kind of anime since its just an anime. But when you put it in the real world, those kind of scenes are not really funny and enjoying.

As much as possible I don't wanna hurt somebody. So I will be very careful to the words that I will drop. I'm not gonna use some bible verse or anything. I'll just tell what I need to tell. You might hate me, but I need to do this so, sorry..

There are only two kinds of people here on earth, male and female. Someone who's experiencing some... umm.. Let say, a third party, it really needs help. Though internationally, right now, third sex was beginning to be accepted. But in any angle you see it, their still something wrong. For me, those people are loss and they need a great understanding. They need people who will understand them, accept them and slowly, bring them up to the right path. If no one will do that, they will continue hurting their self by living in a lie until they die.

Parents have a big role here, specially Fathers. For example, in one of the episode here in Yuru Yuri, Kyoko ask her three friends whats the most scariest thing to them, Chinatsu-san answer was her father. Well, I encounter this kind of reason many times in an anime. And anime contains stories from the true story.

Another thing is about the meaning of "Love". Well, since this is one of the biggest root of all the problems here on earth. Nowadays, when you say "I love you" or "I love her/him" to someone, it only means one thing and it seems lust was always their. That meaning is wrong. Love has different kinds of meanings and form. A love for a friend, a love your special someone, a love for your family, a love for God and etc. It doesn't revolve in just one meaning. Well, I really don't know why did I add this, but I think its relevant.

And also, don't misinterpret two people being in love with each other specially girls. Girls are born sweet and soft disregarding of genders but, they are also picky. Its kinda irritating when those things happen. Well, it happens to me a lot. hehehe.. And its really pissing me off..

Maybe your asking me where do I get this stuff. To tell you the truth, I got those kind of issues when I'm still a child until highschool. I consider myself as a real life Makoto Kikuchi (Idolm@ster). But right now, I'm happy, healthy, and real woman. Also, I have those kind of highschool friends and it really saddens us (Yes, not only me but also my other friends) to what they are doing in their life. Still, I respect their choice and make sure to make them feel that I'm still right by their side. And hopefully, put them to the right path. .

Though I really really love this series, I don't recommend this to everyone who's under 16 years old, to very sensitive people and to some people that doesn't like and hate Yuri anime's. I think your wondering why I watch this? Well, I don't really mind the Yuri thing in this anime, the important thing is the comedy content.This anime makes me forget some unwanted events in my life even for just for a little while.Watching this series needs you a greater understanding.