Monday, October 24, 2011

K-On! Season 3?

My first post was accidentally deleted and I can't recover it anymore. (Stupid blogger.) Well lets just forget that and continue to talk about this topic.

I'm a K-On! fan since 2009 and until now, every time I re-watch some of its episode, they still makes me smile. I'm writing this article to give you some knowledge and to share my opinion about this issue.

After watching the season 2 ending, most of us felt sad or even cry to the fact that the anime ends here. No more music and no more inspiring cute musician to watch. But when Kakifly announced that he will restart the K-On manga with two separated stories, one with the original HTT band and the other is about the senior year of Azusa, we suddenly break into happiness and hope merge within us for the next season of K-On!.  So the question still remains, "Is their gonna be another season for K-On!?".

Spending my leisured time with nothing to do, I decided to search more about this topic through internet. I want to learn who is the pro and anti K-On! season 3. Why do these people want to have another season of K-On! and what do they want to do or to have for the K-On!!! season 3.

In my research, majority of us K-On fan wants to have another season of K-On, not just because of the animation it brings but, mostly because of the music it provides. While most of us want another season of K-On, some of us were contented on how did K-On end, but at the same time, those people really don't mind having or not having another season of K-On. Its just that, they want it to be more interesting than the other previous K-On season, specially the first season. So to KyoAni, your greatest enemy is none other than the first season of K-On!.. ^^

So if ever theirs another season of K-On, what do fans really want to have?  One hundred percents K-On fans really want is the music. The music made by the HTT group make them stressful free and sometimes it gives them inspiration to play music instruments or even compose songs.

The K-On voice actresses, or seiyuu's were one of the reason why the series become successful. Their voices really blend each other, even if you randomly paired them, they will definitely produce a good song. That's why fans begun predicting and suggesting who will voice the new characters if ever theirs another season of K-On. Some says they want to have Kana Hanazawa or Haruka Tomatsu or Saori Hayami or even Aoi Yuuki to voice over the other characters. They say it must be a well known seiyuu but, some say it must be a new seiyuu to make it more interesting. Well, for me, it doesn't matter as long as it can produce a wonderful song. But, if ever they put Kana Hanazawa and Haruka Tomatsu, I suggest they voice over Ayame Toshida and Sachi Hayashi. Kana-san as Ayame and Haruka as Sachi. It will be like, against their character types. As far as I know Kana-san always play the gentle type characters while Haruka-san play the hyper active one.  Its kinda interesting to see how will they perform those characters beside, they kinda resemble the two of them. Another reason is, I want to see Kana-san play drums. I don't mind if she voice over Sumire the goal is to see her playing drums, that's all.. :D But I still prefer new seiyuus.I want to see and hear them and bloom like the five main characters.

So, in my opinion, K-On !!! season 3 is possible because of some reason. First is because of the merchandise skyrocket it creates. Second is the fact that, K-On is about music. Isn't it boring just reading those sound effects and lyrics without knowing what were the rhythms of the music? Well, to all my fellow K-On fans out their, lets just wait and see what will KyoAni do after the movie and put it into Gods trust. ^^

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. ” 
Proverbs 3:5-6

It will be interesting and awesome if they perform something like this. :D

Even Manny Pacquiao wants K-On!!! season 3. 

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  2. Well, If there would be no season 3 of K-On.How would we know if they ever had their dream come true? Honestly the first season of K-On is really awesome! Lots of funny moments, their song is good to hear and very catchy...It sucks when they are serious though..XD Please continue K-On..please^^,K-on was released around 2009, so its still early for it to shut down. If Kakifly is a bit tired, I guess we all can help^^

  3. Since there are 2 new mangas out, there should be enough content for a new season soon. I don't see any reason why KyoAni wouldn't make a new season! My prediction: Announcement fall 2012, first episode aired early 2013 :)

  4. I Super hope that K-on season 3 aka K-On!!! (K-On with three exclamation marks) will be aired in Japan soon!

  5. I hope there would be season 3 of k-on because it's cute, funny, their friendship is so awesome!!! and also it's inspirational and their songs are good!!! hoping there would be season 3!!! onegai shimasu!

    ~loren matencio

  6. I Really Want The Season 3 of K-On!!! To
    I heard the season 3 has been aired at Japan for only 3 episode or 4 I forgot, if that's true. I want the reason why they didn't aired it again?

  7. Please Please :( I wanna seeee K-on Season 3 , I wanna see Yui's sister Sing <3 haahah #LightMusicClubReborn♥

  8. season 3!!!! i'am waiting for you !!!!

    ONEGAI _/\_ !!!