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K-On!! Live Event ~ Come With Me!!

Come With me! Is the second live event of anime K-On! Now lets take a little review.. :D

Note: Some photos were taken from vlc media player. While other photos was from other website and its respectfully own by them.

Now,now, look at those lucky people.
 The concert was held last February 20, 2011 at Saitama Super Arena. The estimated number of people who watch was around 30 thousand. While watching the video, you will hear some people shouting, "Akkyo!", "Aki-chan!", "Minako!", "Yocchan", "Hikasa!", "Pikasha!", "Aya-chan", "Ayachi!", "Sugar", "Ricchan!", "Jun-chan!", "Ho-kago Tea Time", "HTT", "Come with Me!" and many more.

And just like the first event, they first introduce all of the main artist who will perform. Aki Toyosaki as Yui Hirasawa, Yoko Hikasa as Mio Akiyama, Satomi Sato as Ritsu Tainaka, Minako Kotobuki as Tsumugi Kotobuki, Ayana Taketatsu as Azusa Nakano, Madoka Yonezawa as Ui Hirasawa, Chika Fujito as Nodoka Manabe, Asami Sanada as Sawako Yamanaka, and the two additional characters, Yoriko Nagata as Jun Suzuki and Yuu Asakawa as Norimi Kawaguchi.

Go! Go! Maniac!

They first sang "GO!GO! Maniac" and "Listen" and crowd was like, "Wah!Woh!". Japanese audience is really incredible. 
After the first performance all the HTT group introduce their selves to the audience.
Aki-san teasing Yoko-san
Well, they were all excited and nervous but, as usual, Yoko-san was the most nervous of them all. 

After a little introduction, the next performance will be their character song. First up, Aki-san. 
Aki-san singing "Oh my Guitar!!"
Yeah, keep pointing up.. I like that.. 
Uchida Toshino and Tom-H@ck

The performance start with the two guitarist playing together. I really love those two guitarist specially Uchida-san, their so amazing. 
The song is very very cute specially when you watch Aki-sans performance. You will feel energized while watching her. A splendid and full of awesome cuteness. Surely you can stop watching and asking for more. Amazing, a very good start... 
Next is Yoko-san.

Yoko-san singing "Seishun Vibration"

Kudou Rei and Tanabe Tashina

Moe-Moe! Kyun! Ahaha, so cute.

Yeah, keep pointing up. ^^
Just like the first performance, its started with a two bassist having a duet. Some other blogs and website who also made a review about this are asking, "Why do they need a two bass player? Considering the fact that you only need a one bassist in a band.". Well, having a two bassist in a band is also possible. The bassist can switch places or can perform a duets depending on what role it will be. You will also notice that the other bassist has a 5-string bass, and has a high pitch compare to the other that has only 4-string bass and has a very low pitch. So it means that, they have different roles. I love it when they did the duets.

Meanwhile in Yoko-sans performance, it turned out good. Even though she's nervous, you wouldn't notice it. Adding tension to the event and listening to her great voice while watching her performance is really entertaining and energizing. A splendid work Yoko-san...
Next is Satomi-san.

Sato-san singing "Drumming Shinning My Life"

Tsuchitaka Yukinori and Ichinose Hisashi

I really love performer who's pointing up, because, its rare.

Just like the two bassist issue that a read on other blogs and websites, this is also the question at the two drummers. And just like my answer about the two bassist issue, it is possible having two drummers in a band. They just have to know where and when they will play. The performance of the two drummer was so.... Amazing. Just like the audience, you will be like, "WOOOHH!!" after watching their duets. And also when you observer the two while Satomi-san is performing, the two was also playing. Yes, right, the song needs two drummer. I was like, "What the heck! AMAZING!!". 

I really, really enjoy her performance. Even thought, she seems nervous, she really pull out a great performance out their.. I'm like,"WOH!!!" after watching it. The performance was like a lightning just passing by leaving a scar. Know what I mean.. ^^ And I really love her outfit, so cool. The song is full jolly, jolly beat so surely, you will enjoy it. A very awesome performance Sato-san. I'll give you a two thumbs up for that... 
Next is Minako-san.

Minako-san singing "Dairy wa Fortessimo"

Komori Shigeo


The performance was really refreshing. Having striked by Sato-sans, you will be healed after hearing Komori-sans piano. Then, realizing that Minako-sans performance was just a bandage to your scar. Do you get me? hehehe.. The scar was still their but now, it has a bandage. All in all, Manako-san performance was so very good. Nice combination of songs. Love it. ^^  And oh! I really love her voice.. Wohu!..
And last but not the least, Aya-san.

Aya-san singing "Over the Starlight"

Uchida Toshino and Tom-H@ck

She's really cute.. ^^

Nya ~.. So... Cute..

In here, Uchida-san and Tom-Hack perform again. A really love how Uchida-san strum's his guitar. It rocks! While getting healed by Minako-sans performance, Aya-san performance makes you feel assurance and cuteness. Adding that "Nya~" in your performance is really really captivating. Nice work! 

So after the five performed their character songs, they pause for a break for the introductions of the other performer.

Yamada Naoko
And the introduction of their director, Yamada Naoko.

Yoko-san making fun of their director. haha! XD

1,2,3 is K-E-I-O-N!!
To announce about the upcoming K-On!! movie. This scene is very funny, you must watch it.. After some chitchat, the director and some of them went off the stage. Then Madoka-san started her character song.

Madoka-san singing "Uki Uki New! My Way!"

Listening and watching to her, you will feel happiness.While looking at her I begun to think, "So, if ever (Note: the "IF EVER") theirs another season of k-on, she will need to practice playing guitar.", just imagining things, hehehe.. Over all, good performance. 

Yoriko-san singing "Junjou Bomber!!"

I really enjoy her performance. Just like in Mio songs, the song is full of lovely low bass sound. A little jumpy, cool and jolly beats so, you will surely enjoy it. Nice performance, good work Yoriko-san,

Chika singing "Jump"

You will see a good performer while watching her. The song is really fun to hear. Well, I can think of anything but, a very good performance. Good work Chika-san. 

After the three performance, there will be a little break and a short video that they will view to the audience. This is the time that they are getting ready to go to the other stage of the arena. 

Aya-san & Yoko-san were holding hands
Seems Aya-chan and Yoko-san were afraid and nervous because of the crowd. 

Yui & Ritsu think its a ring for wrestlers. :D

Wohu! 360 degree of guest! :D The Audience was like, "WOH!!!" when they went out.

Ichigo Partfait ga Tomaranai

The jamming really starts here. They first sang "Ichigo Parfait ga Tomaranai". The stage seems like floating in a ocean of people. Just imagining me, standing on that stage makes me really nervous and frighten. They just play and goof around here. You can also see Aki-san making her Gita a machine gun pointing it to the audience, hahaha!!.

Aki-san helping Yoko-san

Tokimeki Sugar
My favorite picture.
This is one of my favorite part of the event. Its Yoko-sans song so, shes the one singing. But, it seems that theirs something wrong in her headset that makes her lost in rhyme. But then, Aki-san begun to sing to help Yoko-san.. Aww.. After a little bit of singing from Aki-san, Yoko-san made its come back. In this performance, you will see how the HTT members support each other in times of need. It also shows how close they can become, specially Aki-san and Yoko-san. 

Additional Information:
I was fond of listening to some seiyuus radio show (specially the K-On! seiyuus radio shows.) in nico nico dough and youtube (though Im not good at nihonggo, but, I can understand a little bit of it.). Sometimes listen to Aki-san and Yoko-sans radio shows. They have several anime radio shows together and its really, really enjoying listening to it specially the QwajRaji. What I notice about this two was that, they like teasing and copying each other. For example, if Aki-san will say something, Yoko-san will copy her and when Yoko-san will say something, Aki-san will also copy her. They always concurrent whenever they say something out of nowhere and when the two collided, its like theirs a party or something crazy going on over the show because of constantly shouting and laughing. This two was the source of craziness, that's why when you listen to Rajion (K-On! radio show) you will definitely wake up (Well adding Sato-san, Minako-san and Ayana-san who is also as crazy as this two.).  

After "Tokimeki Sugar", they did a little break by playing with the audience.



Honey Sweet tea Time

Well, I don't really, completely, understand Japanese but, hearing the melody of the song makes me understand the meaning of it. Its like telling you, "Hey, how are you? Come seat with me and lets have some tea together.". Really refreshing song. After hearing it, I kinda like to have some tea. hehe..

Gohan ha Okazu

Wohoo!! This song will bring your energy to the next level. Wow, the audience was full of energy and the performers were all fired up after the "Koraa!". After this song, they all went back inside the stage. 

Maddy Candy


Rock an Roll! Yeah! A very good performance from "DEATH DEVIL". But, I'm curious if the drummer on the stage was the one who is playing? Well, it seems like her. hehehe..I don't know. 

Dubbing Session

You must watch this dubbing session, it so funny.

Live Set

Pure Pure Heart


Tenshi ni Fureta yo!
When I first watch the "Tenshi ni Fureta yo!" I can't stop crying. My tears keep flowing while watching the four sing the piece. Up until now, I often watch the video in my cellphone or on my computer. Though I don't cry anymore after watching it 2 times, I still feel the emotion of the four while singing it. A very great piece, and I think it will be good graduation song, hehehe... And Oh! I love the duets, wow, very blend and awesome.
Aww.. Sad but cute.hahaha!

Fuwa Fuwa Time

They really do improve in playing. I love how they play the Pure Pure Heart. Watch it, and you will fell the awesomeness of the five, specially Sato-sans drum beats. Sato-san really show who's the boss using her drums.. ^^ If ever theirs another live event, I think they can play their instruments more accurate and strong and, I wish I can be their too. Keep rocking...hehehe.


NO, Thank you!
My favorite song WOHOO! ENCORE!
Utauyo!! MIRACLE
Aki-san is on fire while performing this. ENCORE!! WOHOO!


Cagayake! GIRLS
How nostalgic. WOHOO! ENCORE!!
Don't Say "lazy"
Yoko-san and Aki-san is on fire while performing this. ENCORE!! WOHOO!!

All I can say is. ENCORE!! ENCORE!! ENCORE!!


Yoko-san found her first target

I love this photo, continue that. 

Yoko-san found her 2nd target.

And there she goes! hahahaha!! 

Love this scene.

Sakuragaoka Girls High School - School Song
Sanada-san is playing the piano. 

Come With me

After some heart warming message from them, they finally sang the final song, "Come With Me". It don't have that much beat than the "Lets Go!" song though but, I enjoy it.

This show is really long but, you will surely love it, specially to K-On! fans out their. Wish they can have another live event and when it happens, I wish I'm their shouting and singing along with them. Keep fighting! Godbless to all of you.. ^^

Yeah ritsu, so play the drums now.. :D

"A man of many companions may come to ruin,
but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Proverbs 18:24

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