Tuesday, March 6, 2012

REVIEW: Kill me Baby (Baby, Please Kill me)

Its been a month since I haven't post anything. Sorry about that, I've been busy and kinda lazy for awhile but today, I'll give you a quick review of one of my favorite new anime, "Kill me Baby (Baby, Please Kill me)".

Err.. Lets just declare that Sonya-chans gun is a Toy.. ^^

Kill me Baby is a story of two friends, Sonya the one who works as an assassin and Yasuna an airhead girl who always follow Sonya around. Together, will they find the true meaning of friendship? LOL XD

Kill me Baby is an anime full of gag and humorous thing about friendship.The thing that this anime got me is its unique title, "Kill me Baby", why did the creator entitle it like that? As I watch the opening and ending PV of the anime, and repeat the "Kill me Baby" thing in my head was then I realized why did the creator entitle it like that. Haven't you felt the feeling of wanting to 'kill' your friend, even though she or he is not doing anything to you. Uhmm.. How can I explain it. The 'kill' word that I'm telling you was not literally killing your friend. Its like an extreme, wanting, catching or drawing attention of your friend. Its like that, you love your friend so much that you want to kill him/her, though not literally and the love thing is different from being lovers. When you watch this video you will definitely understand what I'm saying.

Well, this anime is not that humorous to me. Their gags was not that catchy like "Nichijou" or "Azumangdaioh", but if you love slice-of-life, comedy and cute chibi girls, you will enjoy it. I also don't recommend this to children under age of 7 to 12. If I rate this anime from 1 to 10, I'll give it a 7. 

Note: Photos and video is respectfully owned by their real owner. Copyright property is not mine.

"As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend."
Proverbs 27:17 

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