Friday, March 9, 2012

Aki Toyosaki's "Hey Jude" and the absurd bashing of Haters

I was thinking if I would do some blog and comment about this issue this past few days. I'm not that interest in it but in the end, I think I'll do it since its a very controversial issue about one of the most famous voice actress and singer in the anime world, Aki Toyosaki.

Aki Toyosaki was one of the promising and talented voice actress in this generation. She was very known for her role of Yui Hirasawa from the anime, "K-On!". She was also affiliated in a seiyuu group known as "Sphere" and a seiyuu band known as "Ho-kago Tea Time (HTT)". And because she was a singer in Japan, she held random concert and live performance with or without her group,"Sphere". Her group was one of the famous group known in Japan.
She said that she really loves oldies music, that's why in her radio show, they play old songs like "The Beatles" and many more. So, in her solo concert she decided to play an oldies song entitled, "Hey Jude". Here's the video.

This video was posted in youtube a days ago and a thousand of viewers really hate it. They put up negative comments, telling her that her voice and English sucks. Did you ever realize how hard it is to Japanese people to speak in English or in other language(Well, I think except for Korean and Chinese). But if you ask me, I like it, its a very good cover coming from a Japanese girl, playing those difficult guitar chords. Well, yeah I'm one of her fan but I'm not being bias. Yes her English was not that good and her voice was not that fit to the song but hey, that's not really the worse cover. I've seen and heard more people doing it that gives me a face palm expression but this girl just did a good job and then, she receive those kind of bashing? Well, I think that's one of downside of being famous.

Most of the Otaku people in Japan used to portrait and imagine the seiyuu's to be very alike to their anime characters. Well, they said, that's because it is their job, the companies order and their agency. Once you did some activity that the people (specially the creepy once.) don't want, prepare yourself for the worse.

One of the most intriguing and scandalous seiyuu who receive ultimate bashing or bullying from her haters was none other than Aya Hirano. She continue to fight her rights and freedom by also bashing them. The worse thing to that was her not so supportive agency. Theirs also a time that she was nearly banned in the seiyuu world. But thanks to her new agency and her new dream, she's now back to work.

Toyosaki-san HTT group.
After having a big success of the anime K-On!. The gossip and criticism begun to wrap the group. From doujinshi manga made by Sato Satomi, up to their love life. I think, this is another reason why Toyosaki-sans Ex-fans are bashing her.

Well, I don't know where is this post going but theirs one thing that I really, really want to tell you all. Everyone, Aki Toyosaki is a Japanese human being. She is born and live as a Japanese women.Created to eat, to drink, to help others, to choose what she believe in, to have dream of her own and to have a wonderful love life to with her other half.

 One thing that they can not give a negative comment is her skills in the guitar. Yeah, I agree, her guitar skill is growing more and more. Maybe one day, she can compose her own song.

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