Saturday, September 17, 2011

My First Nendoroid

Just wanna share my very first nendoroid, and its none other than Yui Hirasawa of K-On!. *clap,clap,clap* :D

Last Saturday I decided to have a look at a toy store in Greenhills. I was looking for Ritsu's nendoroid back then. Yes, apparently, nendoroid ritsu is my aim on that day. I want her to be my very first nendoroid so, I was really avoiding on buying other nendo's. Well, you can't blame me, she is a rare nendoroid that can't copy easily by the bootlegers. But the problem is, Ritsu is so expensive and I really can't afford on buying her. So when I saw Yui, I begun to think and said, "Yui is getting rare these days, should I buy her?". 

Well, last,last week before the said day that I bought Yui, I just went on the store 2 times just to have a look at Ritsu. I was hoping that the price of her went down. The first day that I went in the store, Yui nendoroid is in the their. And when I went the next next day Yui is no longer their but, her other band member is still their including ritsu. 

The other week there was an Anime convention near in our house and me, and my cousin decided to go their to look for nendoroids and other anime figures. As I go around the hall and look for my dream nendoroids the only nendoroid that I found is, Tsumugi, Mio and a second hand Azusa. Then I begun to wonder,"Yui is becoming rare nowadays?". So I went again at the store last saturday and have a look at the store. Then I saw Yui and decided to have a look at her closely.I told the sales lady if I can have a look at her and then she said, "Okay" and pick up Yui and gave it to me. 

My mind was not yet completely sure if i'll buy Yui at that time because, nendoroid Mio is also in the store. Mio is my favorite character in k-on! that's why i'm getting really confuse if who will I buy. As I begun to ask the sales lady for Mio and put Yui on the table I accidentally drop her. When I go look at her, I saw a not-so-big-nor-little tear at the plastic at her box. I begun to panic as I knew that the saleslady saw it too. So, I decided to buy her.

So lets look at her box.
Yeah that's the teared that I made.. ^^

This is the plastic protecting her in any harm.

Now let us look for my cute Yui-chan.. ^^

Lets have a close up. ^^
Cute ain't it? :D

All in all, I'm really glad and happy that I bought her.. ^^ I think god help me in choosing her because, before I went at the store I ask god to help me on my decision. If i'm going to buy or not and who it will be. Thank you lord, your the best, till next time. ^^

“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”
Psalm 118:8

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