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K-On! Live Event ~LET'S GO!

I really enjoy taking pictures from vlc media player..:P

All right so this is the start of my review at K-On! first live Event "LETS GO!". ^^

The opening is good. They first introduce who the voice's is who. Aki Toyosaki as Yui Hirasawa, Yoko Hikasa as Mio Akiyama, Satomi Sato as Ritsu Tainaka, Minako Kotobuki as Tsumugi Kotobuki, Ayana Taketatsu as Azusa Nakano, Madoka Yonezawa as Ui Hirasawa, Chika Fujito as Nodoka Manabe and Asami Sanada as Sawako Yamanaka.

After the inroduction Aki(Yui), Yoko(Mio), Sato(Ritsu), Minako(Tsumugi) and Ayana(Azusa) begun to sing.

They were all awesome.
The audience was so awesome too. They really participate.
After the first song which is "Cagayake Girls", the five Girls introduce their self.

Then the play time begun as Aki star to be the main MC. ^^
Because Yoko is so nervous, Aki suggested to do the "te e pero!" pose. And so they did, and amazingly, the audience seems to do it too. This scene is sooooo funny, you should watch it. XD

After this ,the five seiyuu went back to the backstage to ready their self to their solo songs.
First up is Aki Toyosaki's, "Guitar no Kubiddake". I love her pose. ^^ Pointing up, I love that.

I love this pose.
I really love this upbeat song. It makes me smile and charge up my energy. You can tell that Aki is really happy and enjoying performing it. This song is certainly a good start.

Second is Yoko Hikasa's, "Heart Goes Boom!".
Tanabe Tashina

I love this pose.Continue that. ^^
Though she seems so nervous, her performance went so well. And while she's singing it, you can here the audience singing with her, specially in the "BOOM BOOM BOOM!" part. Hahaha!! Look, she even did the Moe Moe Kyun! hahaha!! She is so funny.. :D

Next is Satomi Sato's, "Girly Storm Shissou Stick".
Ichinose Hisashi

I love this pose.
At first I don't really listen to her songs but, when I watch her performance I begun to listen and like it. I was just like, "Wah! Kawaii!! ^^ I want that!". Her performance really is great, even though their are time's that she shows nervousness, she immediately drop it and turn back again to Ricchan. ^^ The drums was so AWESOME! I really love it.

Next is Minako Kotobuki's "Dear My Keys ~ Kenban no Mahou".
Komori Shigeo
I love this pose.

Just like Ritsu's character song, I don't listen to Mugi's song until I saw Minako-san performance. I was just like, "Wah! Awesome! Lovely, lovely. Where can I find that? ". Her performance really is amazing. I think she really enjoy performing on a stage. You can tell that she is enjoying singing it. I think its one of the reason why I love it. 

Then, Ayana Taketatsu's "Jiyajiya Ma Way To Go".
Uchida Toshino

She seems nervous while singing but, she performs it very well. This song is very cute and a little bit upbeat. The guitarist here is so AWESOME! What comes out to my mind when I listen to this song is, my wish of having an electric guitar. 

I thought Azusa was the last one to perform and that they will take a break after her. But surprisingly, the concert hall become more darker and smoke comes out in nowhere. Then, a person with a scary mask was seen in the camera, and when she take it of, it was non other than SAWAKO-sensei!!
The performance is really Awesome. She really did the rocking and scary qualities of Sawako-sensei. 
Guest guitarist, Seega. (Don't know who he is or if my spelling is correct at his name. ^^)

After the unsuspected performance of Asami Sanada, the five girls went back to the stage to introduced the other seiyuus of k-on and to play games with the audience.

And it seems that Ms.Sanada had become Sawako again to scared the girls before the game ends. hahahaha!! This is hilarious. :D

After playing games, the two seiyuu start performing their character songs with a starting performance of Madoka Yonezawa's "Lovely Sister Love".
I really love her songs. Her performance was good, no sign of nervousness to me, just enjoyment. ^^
Then, Chika Fujitou's "Coolly Hotty Tension Hi!".
Just like Madoka, no sign of nervousness, just enjoyment. I love this upbeat song, and her performance was so good that even the audience love it.
After the performance of the two, all the seiyuu cast went out again to the stage to perform a little dubbing session. 
After the dubbing session, the five seiyuu perform some of their songs. Now, I'm giving you some detailed photos of  it.
Ahahaha! I love this photo..hahaha!! XD  

This is sooooo AWESOME!! So Lovely! I love it when Aki and Yoko do a duet.. Its soo sahdasfhgasfajfyuasgf.. AWESOME! For me, their voice really blend each other.. XD I LoVE IT!
After doing the "Curry Nochi Rice" and "Fudepen ~Ballpen~",they did a live performance using the instruments that they were holding. Yes, because after all those times, they're not the one who is playing, that's why they can goof around. ^^
Here they perform "Watashi no koi wa Hocchikisu".
Look how serious they are.. ^^ Here they play "Fuwa Fuwa Time". Aki somewhat cried here because of that, she lose in pitch.. Aw.. It really sadden me when the show is nearly to end.

Playing Comments:
Well Aki-san knows how to play guitar but, being a lead guitarist and vocal is a kinda hard.You can hear some little pitch, pitch problem of the guitars but, you can also see that she really is doing her best in playing it while singing. She seems to enjoy it too. And you can feel some strong signs of music lover from her.. ^^

I really love Minako-san's playing, it makes me smile. I don't know if one of KyoAni's condition in choosing Mugi-chan's seiyuu is that, it knows how to play piano because, having no experience in piano is more harder than any instrument. But, its good to know that Mugi's seiyuu knows how to play it. I think making her Mugi-chan's voice is not a accident, it is given by God. ^^

Ayana-san is soooo amazing! Being a beginner but hearing her play will surely amaze you. Though she and Aki-san has a little bit pitchy problems there, their certainly did a great work. I can't wait for them to grow more in playing their guitars.

Yoko-san, being right-handed and not having any experience in bass is really amazing. Though their are some pitch pitch problems in her playing too, you can see that she is really doing her best to play it. Well, its hard to play an instrument where you are not really a left-handed person but, you play a left-handed instrument and additional to that not having any experience at all. Its really awesome that she can play it like that.

In all the HTT members, the person that really amaze me is Sato-san. A first timer in playing drums but hearing the beat of her playing is really really awesome. Drum is one of the hardest instruments to play. It requires your 2 hand and your 2 feet. Drum is in rhythm section so it provides the background sound for the lead instruments. A drummers main task is to keep everyone on time. Although sometimes Sato-san drumming lose its beat, she really did a very good job in maintaining everyone on time.

After the two live song, they perform the first opening and ending theme of K-On!.
Now,now, look at those lucky people.
I really love the duets. ^^ Here, they're performing "Don't say Lazy".

Since they're not playing their instruments, they just play and goof around and its enjoying to watch them do that.. hahaha! XD So kawaii.. ^_^
Yes, duets again.. ^^
Oh! The Announcement of K-On! season 2! ^______^
Here they perform again the "Cagayake Girls" song.

A, Yoko-san, your still singing right? hahahaha!! XD
After the "Cagayake Girls", they thank the audience and went backstage. Aww... Group Hug.... ^_^
Now its time for the ending performance of the live event.

Aww... They really did cry here, I think its because of the overwhelming feeling that they receive from the audience. WAH! I want to be their too! I want to give them my heart warming presence too.. :D

Aww.. Yoko-san is crying and Aki-san is currently comforting her.
A, Aki-san aren't you forgetting something or someone?

I told you Aki-san, I told you.. XD

Though in all of the K-On! seiyuu (except Sanada-san), Aki-san seems the most strongest in holding back emotion but, in the end, her tears suddenly break out. I think receiving too much overwhelming love from the audience makes you really cried in happiness.. Aw.. ^^
After those overwhelming message from the seiyuu, they then sung the song "LETS GO!". I love the beat and rhythm of this song. Overflowing of drum beats that makes you jump in joy! SUGOI!!. 
Aww.. After singing the "LETS GO!" song, all the seiyuu went up stair on the stage to say goodbye and thank all of the audience..
Aww....I think this is their very first live event in a coliseum, though I'm not sure of Aki-san and Minako-san.
Ahahaha!! Kawaii!! XD As you can see, Yoko-san and Aki-san did the "te e pero" pose in the ending. Oh yeah, the "te e pero" was renowned pose by Yoko Hikasa.She even won an award for that.

Wow.. When I first watch this I was really like "WAH!! Awesome! WOW! WOh! So that's yui! WAH! Awesome! Impressive! WOW!". This video is one of the reason why I got interest in seiyuu's. If Yui and others can talk, I think they will be really grateful and thankful to them. Imagine, Yui thanking Aki-san........Hahaha! weird and scary but cute. Hahahaha! That's not gonna happen though. But really, seiyuus (voice actor/actress) are one of the main elements in anime(cartoon/video game). Lets appreciate and thanks them in doing their best to give life to our favorite characters.  


To tell you the truth, I have too many funny photos taken from the concert that I can easily manipulate but, I won't upload it because of the word "consideration".. hahahaha!! XD Godbless and have a good day.

"Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep."
Rom 12:15

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