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SEIYUU REVIEW # 2 Kana Hanazawa, Haruka Tomatsu and Saori Hayami

Hi everyone, today, I'll give you a review of three known seiyuu's. I would like to introduce them by showing you a picture that a made just for my blog.

Alright then, lets start up with the first picture.

Kana Hanazawa (花澤香菜)

Kana Hanazawa is a popular voice actress in Japan. She is known for her role as Zange/Hakua Suzushiro at Kannagi, Suou at Darker than Black, Sora at Sketchbook, Kuroneko at OrenoImotou, Black Rock Shooter as Black Rock Shooter and many more. Her breakout role was Sengoku Nadeko of Bakemonotogari.

She is a child actress since 2001 and she decided to be a seiyuu in year 2006. Her voice is very soft and timid that's why she always gets a moe role or a soft spoken character.

Looking at her picture and listening to her voice makes you think that, this girl is a shy type person. Well, your quite right but kinda wrong. She's a shy and jolly type of person in a very mysterious and funny why. She is sometimes the source of laughter in a group. Try watching her at youtube or niconico websites and you'll see what I mean.

I got interested on her because, she was always with Yoko Hikasa (one of her co-seiyuu in Moshidora) in a picture. Then I begun to read some English translated radio show blogs about her and after reading I she totally got me. After that, I decided to watch some of her video on her radio shows at youtube and start watching one of her anime shows, the "Sketchbook~ Full colors". I really enjoy watching the anime and listening to her.

I was shocked and amazed that she was the one who sang one of the cutest song I ever heard, the "Renai Circulation". Its a song the she sang for the anime Bakemonotagari. Here is the video of the song.

Kana Hanzawa is currently affiliate in a seiyuu group called "Ro-Kyo-Bu!". The group was established this year 2011 consisting of Kana Hanazawa, Yoko Hikasa, Yuka Iguchi, Rina Hidaka and Yui Ogura. I think this group has a high percentage of being famous just like "Sphere".

Haruka Tomatsu (戸松 遥)

Looking at her picture makes me remember the anime Ano Hana. Hahaha! Well, enough of that. Lets start the review.

Haruka Tomatsu is another popular seiyuu in Japan. Her breakout role according to some wiki's is, Corticarte Apa Lagranges of Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica. After that she begun to have major roles, such as Nagi/Kannagi of Kannagi, Lala Satalin Deviluke and many more.

I got curious about Haruka Tomatsu because of a wiki info of Kana Hanazawa. I'm not really a fan of her, in fact I was really annoyed by her voice, even now. But, when I heard her on Morita-san Wa Mukuchi and find out that she was the one who sang my favorite song in So-Ra-No-Wo-To, I begun to admire her voice and work ethic. Even though I'm still annoyed at her voice, theirs something in that voice that you can't stop liking it.

Just like Kana-san, she is also an actress before being a seiyuu. In fact according to some blogs, while working at Kannagi, she was included in two  TV shows entitled, "RH Plus" and "Greenwood".

Haruka Tomatsu was also affiliated in a seiyuu group known as "Sphere". It is currently (according to some blogs and review) the reigning seiyuu group in Japan this 2011. The group is consisting of Haruka Tomatsu, Aki Toyosaki, Minako Kotobuki and Ayahi Takagi.

Another additional Info.:
Last 2010, Kana Hanazawa and Haruka Tomatsu appeared as an extra in a movie entitled "Watashi no yasashikunai Senpai (My Unkind Senpai)". The movie was directed by Yutaka Yamamoto also known as the director of several anime's like, "Lucky Star" and "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya".

Saori Hayami (早見 沙織 )

Saori Hayami is a new but really known seiyuu in Japan. She made her debut in year 2007 as Momoka Kawakabe in an anime "Toka Gettan". Just like other seiyuu's, she do her job while studying in collage. Little is known about her, but they said she has an angelic voice.

I got interested in her because of some radio translation blog post about her. They say that she has an angelic voice so, I try searching her song in Youtube. After hearing her song, I was speechless and amazed. Believe me,she really do have an angelic voice.

I have I little knowledge about her so, I'll just give you a sample song of Hayami Saori. It was a live event of Sora no Otoshimono. Enjoy watching.

And their you have it. Another review of amazing seiyuu's. Thank you for reading it. Just wait and theirs still more to come. Have a Blessed day everyone.. ^^

"Apply your heart to instruct and your ears to words of knowledge."
Proverbs 23:12

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