Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The instruments had been decided for the new K-On! club members

Chapter 8 Volume 5 of K-On! manga, contains the revelation of instrument that new member of K-On! club will used.

Ui in Guitar.
Sumire in Drums and..

Nao Okuda in DTM?!

Just what the heck is a "DTM"? To all the vocaloid fans out their I know that you know what is this DTM. According to my research, DTM, also known a Desktop Music, is a Software application used to manipulate and arrange music/sound. It also has music sequencer and a singing synthesizer application software (ex. Vocaloid) . In these days, Japanese people use DTM in creating music with computer. I think I'm going to research more about this application so that I can give you more background about. 

And as for this two, well you already know the answers.

Well, I'm really looking forward on what kind of music will they produce by the used of DTM.. Wow, I hope that KyoAni can produce again another season of K-On! so that we can hear the kind of music that Azusa band produce. 

And that's all for now.. Hope you like this review of mind. Photo's are credited by their respectful owner. God bless you all.. Have a great day. ^_^

Note: K-On! manga is not mine. It is properly own by Kakifly. This manga page is not mine also, it is properly own by the online distributor. Again, copyright property is own by the rightful owner.

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