Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Reborn Light Music Club

The Reborn Light Music Club. Yes, as you can see yes Azu-nyan the new president of the light music club has now form the new light music club. With the help of her friends Ui and Jun, they did their best just to revive the club. And now, they have recruited two person who will complete the new band! Yay! ^^ Sumire Saito, a blonde household maid that was currently working in Kotobuki household. Yes, Kotobuki, apparently she was just going to retrieve the teaset that was left behind by her Ojousama in the music room but after some humorous scene made by their very own adviser she then agreed to join the light music club. Okuda, a girl wearing glasses who joined the club just because it's the only club that she feels she can do her best, despite she is poor at physical activities.  This is the new chapter that had been release and translate in the internet and i'm very happy because I have been waiting it in a week. It is said that Sumire will be the drummer of the band, but it's not yet clear.

Though Okuda can do good too I think.

But Sumire is Okay.. ^^ A long hair blonde drummer, wow that might be cute.. ^^

Ah!! can't wait for another chapter. Wish this blog of mine is helpful for you all K-On! lover's out their. I would like to thank for the person who share this scanned manga in a very wonderful site (that I will not mention for it's safety.. hehehe.. ^^). I also want to tell you that I just did something creatively in you scan, please have mercy.. ^^ hehe.. 

Well then, just got to go! Till next blog. Godbless you all.. ^^
Oh! and sorry for some wrong grammar. I'm just a new blogger, have mercy.. ^^

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