Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Okay!! Another light novel review. Wah, seems like I'm beginning to like light novels nowadays. This is a short review of a series entitle PuiPui!(ぷいぷい!).

PuiPui! was originally a light novel written by Midori Natsu and illustrated by Namori (Yuru Yuri creator). It was adapted as a manga last 2007. The story revolve around a first year highschool student name Araki Jin whose parents are archaeologist. While checking his parents package that was sent for him, he found a mysterious lamp. As he polished the lamp, smoked appears in nowhere and Zadou Sierra the academy's idol suddenly appear right in front of him wearing a maid suite. After appearing, her father arrives and explain that Sierra is a descendant of a lamp genie and she must grant her master's wishes to make her power stronger and to continue living her normal life as an Ojou-sama.

I got to know Puipui while browsing Namori-sensei profile. I think, Puipui was her first job and she was doing it while she was still studying in a university college. You can check it out at the last page of the Puipui first volume of the manga. Reading the 5 chapter of the volume 1 of the manga seems kinda boring since it cover the introduction of the story. But when you finished volume 1 and the 2 chapter of volume 2, you will go fond of it and ask for more. Well, the sad thing is, the translated English light novel and manga here in the internet ends on chapter 2 volume 2 and no body continue it. Arrghh.. I was really frustrated about it. It seems like I also need to buy a copy of it just like what I'm gonna do at Kokoro Connect.

But do you know that, Namori was not only the reason why I got interested on it. Well, to tell you the truth, the two main characters remained me of my two favorite pair in Namori's Yuru Yuri, Toshinou Kyouko and Sugiura Ayano. Hahaha! Sorry for comparing the artwork, but I just can't help it.Another thing is, when I first saw Namori's guy drawing, I thought to myself, "What a pretty guy. Hahahaha! Now I know why she's stuck on Yuri.".But after finishing the 2 chapter of the volume 2 of PuiPui, it seems that, I want to see her draw more guys.

Well, I still hope that someone will continue the English translated manga or novel of the series.

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  1. can you find manga pui pui vol. 3 on tour country?
    i know it's been a long time. and i just read about this manga. but i really curious about what next volume should be done. so, if you can find it, can you give me some information?