Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kokoro Connect

Hi everyone! This article is about a well known anime, manga and light novel today, known as Kokoro Connect (ココロコネクト). You can consider it as my first impression of this series, though I didn't consider it to myself. Okay, lets get going!

Kokoro Connect was about five members of school cultural club who ended up switching bodies in an unknown reason. I first encounter Kokoro Connect while browsing some information about Yukiko Horiguchi also known as Shiromizakana.( I was one of her fan that's why.) Kokoro Connect was originally a light novel, then they adapted it as a manga. After realizing that it has a manga, I begun looking for it on the net and start reading some of the chapter.  Its a little sad since the manga has only 2 chapter uploaded online. One day, while browsing some article at Anime News Network, I came across this awesome news. Its about the anime adaptation of this the series. I was really happy by after reading it. 

While looking at the characters, do you remember something? Well, as you can see, the original character designer of the Kokoro Connect was none other than Yukiko Horiguchi who also design some anime character in a well known company known as Kyoto Animation. The anime that she did the illustration were Lucky Star and K-On!. Now, do you realize something?

Upon releasing the light novel, people who've seen it thought and made some humor that it was K-On! clone. As the manga release, up until now as the anime already been broadcasting, the humor become stronger. They concluded it like this. 


They have a point though. Maybe she did it on purpose? Or maybe it was only a coincidence since the time the novel was on the making, K-On! was also on the run and reigning. Well, you can't blame her, as a fan you can't stop being inspired at things that you really love. As you can see most of the staff in K-On!, the director, animator, musicians, seiyuu (voice actress/actor) and etc., were all fans of this anime. They gave all of their loving, sweat and blood in making this anime successful. If you know what an artist mind run, maybe you will understand me. Since Kokoro Connect was about switching personality development, (Yeah, I edit this, I find it to be like that.) I think it will really fit the theme if she design something like this. 

You can compare the character design of the two but don't be fool of the moeness content. Kokoro Connect is way too different than K-On! It is more serious, has more heavy drama with a little tragic content and has romantic thing in the series. Though they have the same impact (The impact of wanting more.) but, in a different way. I must say that, Sadanatsu Anda the writer of Kokoro Connect was really amazing. Good JOB! Sadanatsu-san.


I was really wondering why KyoAni did not adapt this novel. I think if they did, for sure, they will reign again. Too bad Silver Link got it. Maybe next time KyoAni. Well, I'm still watching it. When the series end, I'll be reviewing it just like the other anime review that I made. Well, hopefully. Until next time then. God Bless!

"God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may
never understand his wisdom, but we simply have 
to trust his will."

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